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Fairytales From Historic Florida Books

Garden Theater
Joyful Songs
Unexpected Invitation
Blue Fairies
Hummingbird Dance
Romantic Days
Hole 7 at Granada
Theater Festival
Kite flying in Miami
Afternoon at Vizcaya
Journey on a shoe boat
Fairy Garden
Ticklish Planet Earth
Violin Serenata
Peace & Postage Stamps
Cape Florida Light House
Golden Moment
Beauties at the Garden
Fragrant Encounter
A Gift from a Lady
Artist’s Atelier
Blanchette and The Everglades
Composing Stories Alphabet
Spirited Letter from Blanchette

Prices for collages printed on a canvas:

  • 8“x 10”: $213

  • 12”x 16”: $255

  • 18”x 24”: $354

  • 30”x 40”: $729

  • Custom sizes available

***Creation of collages open to special request commissions.

Handmade Collages

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