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Alejandra E. Bunster is a theater director, published author, and an educator who graduated from La Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III, France, where she lived for many years. She holds three nationalities: Chilean, French and Swiss. She is the author of
"Un Taller de Teatro" commissioned and pioneered by the Chilean Ministry of
Education to add Creative Expression to the school curriculum. Upon relocating to the US, she worked in the Theater Department at The New World School of the Arts, Miami, teaching High School and College. She presently works at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, developing Creativity in Education and teaching Creative Expression. Mrs. Bunster has visited all continents -except Antarctica- and has studied and worked in many of them. She is the author and illustrator of the series "Fairytales from Historic Florida" : a whimsical and inspiring way of introducing content and an invitation to use creativity in education. The books include exercises in Creative Expression to develop creativity and imagination, and educational facts on South Florida history and nature.

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